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Logan County Fair and Carnival


Beginning Tues., August 14 from 2pm – 7pm and running daily until,  Sat. Aug 18, 2012, Fair Grounds at the Paris-Subiaco Municipal Airport located on 22 Hwy east of Paris. $2.00 Admission fee on Thurs., Fri. and Sat.

There will be Field Crops & Creative Arts exhibits including Educational Booths and Baked goods.

Carnival will open every day along with these special events…

Tues. at 7pm is the Hay Show dinner with speaker from 5-6pm.

At 7 pm, Wednesday, the North Logan County Ministerial Alliance will conduct a program.

Livestock judging takes place on Thursday, Aug. 16 at 8 am.

Talent Show is Friday night at 7pm.

Pet show is Saturday 10am.

Fair Queen Pageant is Saturday afternoon at 1pm. The pageant trophy presentation and presentation of the annual Golden Harvest Award will take place at 5 p.m.

For books and more information go to UA Extension Office in the Courthouse.


Electricity Source and Cost Easily Explained

The City of Paris does not make electricity. We purchase it from outside sources. First, we have a contract with the South West Power Administration, which is a federal hydroelectric agency, to purchase a % of all the power they produce each month. Hydropower is a cheaper source of electricity, but depends on rainfall. When SWPA is unable to produce much, we receive very little from them and we must supplement with a second source. Our second source, as of this billing cycle, is OMPA, a fuel based power producer. Their price for electricity fluctuates with supply and demand, much like gasoline and natural gas. The Cost Adjustment is based on what they pay for fuel in that month to produce the electricity. It varies every month. That cost figure OMPA supplies to the City is then passed directly to the customer in a per KW charge. For example, the Cost Adjustment figure from OMPA this month was 0.03667. If your home used 1000 KW, your Cost Adjustment would be $36.67. If your home used 2000 KW, your Cost Adjustment would be $73.34, etc. The same charge is passed on to every customer, however, the more electricity you use, the higher your dollar amount will be.

Thanks to CityofParis Arkansas for providing this easily understood message.