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Paris Video

Paris Chamber of Commerce Director, Linda Hixson has talked with a documentarian, Ray Bertram about Paris. Here is a preview on YouTube of  some of the Documentary film footage from his the Documentary series.

This is just a short preview of some of the footage that has already been filmed and not the finished documentary.  Ray and the crew will return again on May 4 to complete shooting footage, then will do the studio work to put the finished film together,  some of this footage may not even be in the final documentary.

Ms. Hixson offered, ‘ He said that the team was trying to decide on which small town to feature next in the series and that they were finding it hard to find a city our size that compares…in Mr. Bertram’s words,  “Paris sets a very high bar and will be a hard city to follow.”

We knew that. Paris is a great little town to live in, visit and learn about its colorful history.

Attention Business Owners

This article is a public service announcement that could greatly increase traffic and revenue for local businesses in your Paris. All businesses may benefit from this service.


Most people are familiar with Google Maps Street View. Google is now offering views for inside businesses. High-quality 360 degree panoramas bring out the best of a local business. Featuring the familiar Google Maps navigation and controls easily allows customers to interact and explore inside the business. Customers will get their own virtual tour of that business – walking through their space. Google Street View navigation makes it easy and intuitive for customers to see the inside of an restaurant, office or store before visiting.
Thanks, Scott Westermeier





Users of Google Maps application now will be able to navigate not only street view but search,get directions and navigate inside businesses and public buildings. How nice would it be to be able to “see” the inside of a restaurant before going there to eat or making a reservation. No more wondering about dress codes, whether they offer tables or booths and where the rest room is located. Now, thanks to Google, you can be privy to that information from the comfort of your home by simply using Google Maps application straight from your phone.



Previously, Google Maps only allowed users to view maps of outdoor spaces. Street view enabled users to view the exact location of an address while viewing the “street” view of the neighborhood.



Google now offers 360-degree Business Photos, a program that would send Google photographers to various businesses to snap professional photos of the business store front and interior



Google presents a new and exciting program for businesses! An Interactive Virtual Tour created with the popular Google Street View technology. Stand out in all Google searches – all devices – right at that crucial point in consumer decision-making.



How does it work? Google’s Maps certified photographer start outside your front entrance and begins capturing a series of 360 degree high-resolution image viewpoints, then moving inside and throughout your business. The end result is that people will find your business in a Google Search on ANY connected device (laptop, smart phone, tablet) and see a thumbnail image labeled “See


Inside”. A click on this image transports them right inside your establishment where they can walk about, look around, zoom in, etc. so that they can get a good look at the professionalism, products, or service inside your place of business. The published Street View virtual tour remains live in all Google servers permanently, and you are provided with the HTML code so that you can embed the same virtual tour right onto your own website and Facebook page.





Now Inside Your business! High-quality 360 degree panoramas bring out the best of your business. Featuring the familiar Google Maps navigation and controls easily allows your customers to interact and explore INSIDE.





A New Experience for Customers. Customers will get their own virtual tour of your business – walking through your space. Google Street View navigation makes it easy and intuitive for customers to see the inside of your store before visiting. A great way to showcase your ambiance, decor, and the unique qualities of your business.





Easy for potential customers to find. Appears directly on Google Search. Searchable on Google Maps. Prominently featured on your Google Places business listing (both mobile and desktop). Link to share on social networks, blogs, your website, email, and more.





Google Trained and Certified. Google Trusted Photographers are trained and certified by Google to ensure high quality results for your business. Google Trusted Photographers work directly with you to schedule and shoot your business.