Our First Frontier Day’s Festival

Guest author, Ronna Anderson

Right around the time that the damage to the house was completed, we caught wind of a festival that was coming to town square. A Fall festival! My favorite time of year! The colors were changing and the array of crimsons, golds, and burnt oranges were a sight to behold! It was a majestic sight and reminded me of God’s glory! I knew during this season I had found “home”.
We hadn’t been to this type of festival before. In a large city, fairs were expansive, cold, and not very personal. They were usually carnival type gatherings and if you ran into some one you knew, you were too busy keeping your kids safe to visit much.
On Saturday morning we let the children sleep in. My older son knew we were sneaking out, and that we would return later to take them all to the square. By this time, my sister had rented an apartment from the Newborn’s, which they had built inside of a metal structure, next door to my house.
When we got to the square, on this perfect day, we fell in love. Hand crafted wooden furniture, bird houses, chimes, “funnel cakes”, chili from the Cub Scouts, games, and best of all, people visiting and enjoying one another. We spent about an hour walking around and taking in the wonderments, she bought a wooden bench with hearts cut into it, I bought some home made jelly and jam. Then, back for the kids.
Of course I don’t have to add here that they had a wonderful day, but I will. Being new to the schools, they found groups of kids that they recognized and ran around with them, eating every one of the items offered, I am sure. The stage set up at the east end had musical performers and on the south end there were game booths. By the end of the day, we were all ready to go home, hit the couch and relax….
After all of the kids had taken their baths and gone to bed, my second child who was 12 at the time, said to me “I’m going to love this place”. And on that note we all fell asleep….