Welcome to Paris, Arkansas!

Guest author, Ronna Anderson

Imagine moving from a place that very rarely saw rain, let alone the active and unpredictable storms that occur in Arkansas! Within the first few weeks in our new home, we experienced one of those storms, and all that it implies!

Three weeks after moving into our new home my sister, Victoria, pulled into the driveway in a large U-Haul truck filled with all of our possessions. She was, by the way, one of those who were deeply affected by the earthquake previously mentioned. That’s all the motivation needed for her to decide to join us here in Arkansas. She would stay with us until she could find work and a home. After two days of unloading the truck and finally getting it returned, we took a day of rest. Sitting on the front porch had become one tradition we caught on to very quickly, and drinking sweet tea was as easily absorbed into our tradition. This was one of those days.

From out of nowhere (or at least it seemed that way to two novices), a loud clapping of thunder shook us from our serenity! Before we were out of the chairs, a down pour of rain was in arms reach. We stared in amazement! It was hot outside and this rain didn’t make sense in the summer!
But it sure felt good!

In just a few minutes the rain had turned into large pieces of… SNOW? We ran into the house, where I found a frightened 5 year old hiding in the hallway, and the other children staring out the window with a bewildered look in their eyes. As quickly as it came, it left. Needless to say, there was a lot of chatter in that house for what seemed like hours! As soon as things settled down, the thunder struck again, and this time the lightening blew out the transformer on the pole that led to several houses, and we sat in the heat wondering what on earth was going on.

We had seen sweet rain in California. By sweet I mean soft, cold and gentle rain, usually around the Christmas season. No thunder. No lightening. That was a rarity for our eyes to behold. But in summer? Never!

The rest of the day after that storm was uneventful, and the electricity was up and running in no time…. Which leads me to the first day of school….

After dropping all of the kids off at their new schools, a whirlwind morning to be sure, my sister and I went back and sat on the porch to have a cup of coffee…. Ahhhh…. That wonderful feeling of quiet and serenity that every parent yearns for by the end of summer break.
One half hour into our therapeutic time a loud crashing sound came out of nowhere! We grabbed our coffee and headed inside to wait out yet another odd and unexpected aggression of mother nature. We waited. We waited. Realizing that the sun was still shining, and the ground was still dry, we just sat at the dining room table and sipped our coffee…. Until…

I took the clothes out of the dryer and took them into the boys room to fold and put away, and walked into their room to face… The back of a van staring at me! It had come through the south wall of the room and about 2 feet of its back end was inside the room! THAT was the thunder! How on earth did a van come backwards into a wall that didn’t even face the street? It had been parked under the car port at Tom and Doris John’s and the brake had released and it rolled backwards, down hill, into the side of my house! What are the odds?

Vicky and I laughed and laughed! (After the shock wore off). We looked at each other and said “Welcome to Paris, Arkansas!”.